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What is the minimum period for B.Hive membership?

The minimum contract length for B.Hive membership is 6 months. If a seasonal or special membership offer has been utilised then a 12-month minimum term will apply.


How long does it take for a new membership to become active?

New memberships are active immediately in the centre where the membership process was completed. The new member will receive an email containing their membership number within 24 hours, which will then allow access to other B.Hives and to Regus lounges. The new membership card will be delivered within 30 days.


Do I pay my membership fees monthly or annually?

Each B.Hive membership term is one year, but the fee is taken in twelve instalments at the same time each month.


How much notice is required for cancellation of membership?

A minimum of 90 days notice is required.


Is B.Hive membership restricted to females only?

B.Hive is a highly female-oriented environment and this is reflected in its predominantly female membership. Male guests of members are also welcome.


Can I recommend a friend for a free trial-membership of B.Hive?

Yes, a one-day free trial is available for people recommended by members.


Are B.Hive members also permitted to use other Regus business lounges in the UK?

Yes, but if any guests are also invited they will each incur a fee of £19.00+VAT.


Using B.Hive

What are the opening hours of B.Hive?

This may vary by location, please check with your local B.Hive. Last entry to all B.Hives is 30 minutes prior to close.


Who is permitted to use B.Hive lounges and related facilities?

B.Hive lounges and facilities may only be used by valid card-holding members and their guests.


How many guests are members permitted to bring into B.Hive?

Each member is permitted to bring a maximum of two guests to B.Hive at any one time. Each guest will incur a fee of £19.00+VAT.


Is it possible for members to invite more than two guests at any one time?

If a member is to be accompanied by more than two guests it is recommended that a meeting room is booked for which a 10% discount will be offered.


Are members permitted to use mobile phones in B.Hive?

Yes, but members are requested to be considerate of other members and to minimize the chance of causing any distraction or disturbance.


Are members allowed to eat in B.Hive?

Yes, light lunches and snacks are allowed but members are requested to be considerate of other members and to minimize the chance of causing any distraction or disturbance. If using one of the meeting rooms, food can be ordered in advance from B.Hive.


Are members permitted to leave their belongings in B.Hive if they pop out briefly?

No, there are no facilities for this. Members are requested to take their belongings with them whenever they leave B.Hive.


Is there a limit to how much time members can spend in B.Hive?

No, members and their guests are welcome for as long as they like during opening hours.


Meetings and events

Who can hold meetings and events at B.Hive?

Anyone - but B.Hive members are entitled to a 10% discount off all booking costs.


How do I book meeting rooms or event space?

Please call reception at the relevant B.Hive to discuss your requirements. A credit card is required to secure the booking and full payment will be taken a few days prior to your meeting or event.


When is B.Hive available to book?

B.Hive meeting rooms can be hired for usage during normal office hours and, depending on your requirements, in the evenings. B.Hive Lounges can be hired for evening and weekend events.


How much notice is required to book meeting rooms?

There is no minimum period. Meeting rooms are booked on a 'first-come-first-served' basis but staff will always strive to facilitate the needs of members.