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Welcome to B.Hive

It has been my dream to create a new kind of business club where like-minded women can come together in a feminine space to network and share their stories.

It's clear that more women than ever are starting their own businesses, freelancing or taking leadership roles in large companies. But until now there just hasn't been anywhere to go where we can have meetings, catch up with our e-mails and hold events in a space that reflects 'the feminine way of doing business.'

In collaboration with Regus, the world's largest workspace provider, we have now created B.Hive, a stylish, feminine environment with the practical, professional support that you need.

Membership costs only £25 (plus VAT) per month and includes unlimited access to B.Hive lounges, unlimited access to Regus UK business lounges, free internet access and refreshments on every visit, and discounts on meeting rooms and day offices.

I look forward to seeing you at B.Hive,

Best wishes,

Lynne Franks

Click here for our generous offer and please visit our Flagship in London's Covent Garden or our new B.Hives in Manchester and Bristol.

Lynne Franks

"There's a revolution going on in the world and it's coming from the grass roots. It's about creating value, developing relationships and being financially empowered.

It's the feminine way to create business."

Lynne Franks - The SEED Handbook: The Feminine Way to Create Business.